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A New Addition!


photo credit: Lasting Impressions

For those who don’t know I now have a little baby girl to look after alongside my clients! She is a bundle of joy and cuteness! And she makes a pretty good helper!

We also finally got our new mailbox sign up. It’s been a year in the works since we moved to our new location outside Stratford. We had a mailbox up, but the snowplow took it off this winter, so it was good incentive to get the new one done properly. It has been a great little design process filled with experimentation!


under construction with our new little helper

No matter how big or small the project it starts with predesign. Setting up the goals, and defining success. You need an idea of what you want to convey and how you will make something that conveys your idea. I wanted the name of my firm to be clear to drivers as they drive past at paved country road speeds! I also wanted something modern, yet welcoming, and something a little different. I fully expect to be the talk of the neighbourhood many times over during my career!

I try not to destroy too many trees!

Then the fun part, schematic design which begins with a sketch! Or likely many sketches. Going through idea after idea until the right one shines through.

VELDmailbox sketch

the results are pretty close to the conceptual sketch

Then the details, (design development) usually what materials to use. We already had a shiny stainless steel mailbox, so I needed a contrasting material. I have been wanting to experiment with charred wood (Shou-sugi-ban) for a long time. So I took the opportunity to be a pyromaniac. Much to my husbands disapproval as I was 4 months pregnant when I felt this urge! With a bit of experimentation I finally mastered the skill and techniques of burning wood.


Then it’s the construction stage. I recruited my sister to carve, my mother to baby sit, and my husband to assemble! I worked out the final assembly details and this is the end result.20140424-101222.jpg


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