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VELD's Vrijdag Verses -2

The design, like a farmer, is one “whose sense of beauty and poetry is born of the Earth”

– Louis Bromfield, Author. From my Experience: the Pleasures and Miseries of Life on a Farm


Free Guides @ VELD architect

For those who haven’t noticed I’ve added a few free guides to my website to assist you with your projects.  They are available free to download here.


HireArchitectSampleThe first guide is a Guide to hiring an architect! This guide will give you 10 tips on hiring an architect.

  • What questions to ask,
  • the ins and outs of architecture contracts,
  • what to expect for fees, and
  • the difference between architects, designers, and builders.

We hope you use it to hire us, but we also hope you use this guide to find the best fitting architect for your job, which may not be us!


The second guide is 7 steps to a successful project. I layout what to expect during the process of design when you hire and architect and how they will walk you through all the stages to realizing your dream project.

  • what the goal of each step is,
  • what tasks occur in each step,
  • what to expect from the architect,
  • what are the expectations of you the client, and
  • what the fee and timing of each step.

Starting a project may be one of the biggest investments you make in your life and this guide will tell you how to achieve it with a little bumps in the road as possible. Check it out here!


The third guide is all about your site. It is still in progress but will help you navigate your way through the complex world of planning permissions, other authorities, and environmental site designs.

We are also working on a resource list for agritourism guides and toolkits. There are lots out there, so we decided not to write one ourselves.  Each one has different info, so hopefully you can find what you need! Stay tuned…

Please request and download these guides. We made them for you. Information is FREE from VELD architect! Please let us know if you have any further questions about any of this content.

VELD's Vrijdag Verses

I dug my thesis out today to remind myself of all the work, research, and knowledge that went into that book!  It’s 1inch thick, 235 double sided pages, 3 professor advisers, 18 years of farm life, 1 years worth of work! For those who are curious, you can download it here.

Agritechture: Woven Lea Farm

Agritecture: Woven Lea Farm

As I was leafing through the pages I read some of the amazing quotes I found in my research travels.  I included them in my thesis because they tugged at my heartstrings. So I am going to share them with you in hopes they inspire you to keep up the amazing work you do as farmers!

And just to add a bit of dutch They are going to come out on Vrijdag (Fridays)! But my ducth is not good enough to translate the quotes, sorry.

Here’s the first one that sets the stage for my thesis:

“Underlying all that I have achieved – such as it is- are my memories of my father’s ranch, where I spent my childhood and adolescence. In my work I have always striven to adopt the magic of those remote nostalgic years to the needs of modern living.” Emilio Ambaz, Argentine Architect

Enjoy and please share any good ones you find with me!