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VELD's Vrijdag Verses – 17

“Ontario’s 19th century vernacular [Vernacular architecture is a category of architecture based on local needs and construction materials, and reflecting local traditions] is beyond recovery, however much it is craved. Awareness cannot be un-invented in an informed, interactive society.”

-Michael J. Troughton. Vernacular Architecture in Ontario; Industrial Vernacular



VELD's Vrijdag Verses – 14

The Bank Barn is not decorated but “pleasantly designed”.

– Donald Berg, Author. American country Building Design

VELD's Vrijdag Verses – 13

“good taste can elevate the moral fiber of the nation”

-James S. Ackerman, Architect. Villa:Form and Ideology of Country Houses

VELD's Vrijdag Verses -12

“Farming keeps man honest, vigorous, and independent”

-James S. Ackerman, Architect. Vila:Form & Ideology of Country Houses

VELD's Vrijdag Verses – 5

“we accept these new farm buildings as we must accept the inevitable, but we look forward to their evolution in matters of design and material to the point where a comparison may be made with the barns of an earlier era in which beauty and surprising degree of efficiency emerged as a solution to the basic problem of feeding, storage, and shelter.”

-Eric Ross Arthur & Dudley Whitney, Authors. Barn:A Vanishing Landmark in North America

VELD's Vrijdag Verses

I dug my thesis out today to remind myself of all the work, research, and knowledge that went into that book!  It’s 1inch thick, 235 double sided pages, 3 professor advisers, 18 years of farm life, 1 years worth of work! For those who are curious, you can download it here.

Agritechture: Woven Lea Farm

Agritecture: Woven Lea Farm

As I was leafing through the pages I read some of the amazing quotes I found in my research travels.  I included them in my thesis because they tugged at my heartstrings. So I am going to share them with you in hopes they inspire you to keep up the amazing work you do as farmers!

And just to add a bit of dutch They are going to come out on Vrijdag (Fridays)! But my ducth is not good enough to translate the quotes, sorry.

Here’s the first one that sets the stage for my thesis:

“Underlying all that I have achieved – such as it is- are my memories of my father’s ranch, where I spent my childhood and adolescence. In my work I have always striven to adopt the magic of those remote nostalgic years to the needs of modern living.” Emilio Ambaz, Argentine Architect

Enjoy and please share any good ones you find with me!